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Field Trip: Imagination Station

The Titanic at the bottom of the sea

Just ONE more inch! He’s been waiting for so long to ride this “ride”!

Sorting animals into their habitats

Pipe-fitting and water fun!




Field Trip: Art Museum

Clay Sculpting in the Family Center

We played a neat board game in the lobby of the museum

Tuileries Garden Board Game




Lego Robotics: Bird





Making rainbow loom bracelets

Field Trip: Chesapeake Children’s Hands-On Museum

In the “medical/dentist” room

A cast and a cane

A check-up


Field Trip: Port Discovery in Baltimore

They loved climbing on this 3-story jungle gym!

A Sorting Machine

A Creeper shadow puppet

Ducky as a shadow puppet

Making shadow puppets in the craft room at Port Discovery

The Big Bubble Maker




Field Trip: Goddard Visitor Center in Maryland

Floating in Space!