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A Snapshot of my Homeschooling Journal

January 27, 2014


As much as possible, in our homeschool, our children are allowed to and encouraged to pursue their God-given talents, gifts and passions.   You might call us “unschoolers” and that wouldn’t be far at all from the reality.   I think a better, more descriptive term is interest-based learners (life-learners is a good term, too).

In my state, we have an option (aside from a standardize test) to compile a portfolio of our child’s work and have it reviewed (NOT assessed thankyouverymuch) by a licensed teacher.   I began a practice of taking lots of pictures of my children’s work/projects and of them at interesting places that we go and posting them to this blog so that I have a visual record of what we have done.  This helps immensely when compiling the portfolios in spring.  Another very valuable practice is that I have a homeschooling journal in which I jot down the activities that my children engage in.  I could also write beside each activity the subjects that those activities cover but I don’t.  Here is a snapshot of a page from this month.

A sampling of my children’s activities in January

Keep in mind that I don’t write down ever single thing that they do. I have come to a peaceful place in our homeschooling and so I refuse to worry (instead I lift my children up to the Lord and ask for His wisdom and leading for me AND for them).  For my fellow homeschooling moms who have the occasional panic attack of “oh my goodness, are my children learning anything?” — this would allay their fears!

A fellow homeschooling mom also brought up another excellent benefit of a homeschool journal — it will be so fun and heart-warming to review a few years from now all of the great memories made.

If you’d like to follow our homeschooling adventures, please consider subscribing by email. 🙂



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