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Our first “Five in a Row” book

January 6, 2014

Back in August, we “rowed” our first book — Harold and the Purple Crayon.  Never heard of “rowing a book”?  Or of Five in a Row?  Five in a Row is a literature-based unit study “curriculum”.  In short, you and your children read one of 70 books found in the Five in a Row Teacher Manuals and do related activities based on what is in the book — science, art, language arts, math, geography, culture studies, etc.  The manuals give you a LOT of choices for activities for each book so you can pick the activities that you think that your child will enjoy most.

Our family fluctuates between being full-blown “unschoolers” and being a relaxed homeschool.  Hubby feels better when we do incorporate some “formal” instruction into our days.  Mostly, I like to go with the topics that the children are most interested in learning about.

Anyway, back to our first book row.  Here is a picture of the book and our purple pie:

If you have never read this book to your children, you are missing out on a great book!  I highly recommend it, even if you don’t “row” it.


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